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Details & Pricing About My 2-3 Day Training Course

View the course outline for the training program below

Sign Up for the 2-3 Day Training Program Today

If you’re ready to get started, give me a call, and then you’ll pay for your class, and we’ll schedule a date and time in order for me to teach your class.

After you sign up, you will see the signup link and payment form. After that, you’ll make your first payment which is the deposit.

After the first training is over, you will make the final payment which is another $50.00 payment (The total Amount, of course, is $150) You will not be paying $150 at one time.!!! You Now Can Take This Course for 3 Payments of $50.00 = $150.00!!!

With 3 payments of $50.00, this class will be broken up into three days instead of two. If you prefer to take this class in 3 days, then send me a message on my website. Please message or call me if you cannot afford to pay $75.00 twice at $150.00.

Contact Me For More Information

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Stephanie's Training Program - 3 One Time Payments of $50.00

This training program does not provide postsecondary training or operate a private institution or higher education or an educational or training establishment in the State of Georgia. It is not an accredited academic institution and does not offer certifications or diplomas.

Contact Info

PO BOX 159


Pine Lake, Georgia 30072

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