FAQs - Training Course For My Clothing & Accessory Store Training

How much is the course?

The total of the course is $150.00.  You will pay $50 for 3 classes each. There are no refunds issued. You will take the first payment for the first class and if you don’t want to take a second and third class, you don’t have to pay for the rest of the classes and don’t have to continue.

Are there any other payment options for this course?

Yes, I do accept credit cards, Cash App, and Paypal.

Will I sign a contract or agreement?

No. You will there is no contract at all.

What time and when does the training Start?

We will discuss a time after your first payment. The second and third payments will be scheduled after the course is paid as well.

After the course is over you said you can be reached, when can you be reached if I have further questions about the class?

I can be reached by text, email, or phone. You also can only reach me via text after business hours. My business hours are listed below on my website.

Can I save the recording and download it?

No. Not at this time. Maybe in the future, but not right now.

Will I always be a member once I complete the class?

No, your membership will end after the classes are over and your personal information will be deleted.

What happens if I make my first $50.00 payment and I can no longer take your class?

Your course date will be cancelled and initial payment will be refunded.