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My American Express Journey | Do You Wanna Get a Credit Card? | American Express Blue Business Cash

Updated: Sep 7

American Express Blue Business Cash Card
American Express Account Business Credit Cards & Personal

In this blog, I would like to share information about how I got approved for these American Express Cards, American Express Business Debit Cards, and High Yield Interest Savings Accounts.

Last year during 2022, I decided to apply for an American Express Cards and I was finally approved! I thought that I would never get approved because of my income. I'm not a millionaire and I make sporadic income with my part-time business and my SSDI check.

After fixing my credit in 2017 after having a vehicle repossession back in 2011 and being in $36,000 in student loan debt. (If you will like to know how I got my student loans discharged, (please click here to watch this video for more information) I started rebuilding my credit. In 2018, my federal unsubsidized and subsidized student loans were permanently discharged because of my mental and physical disabilities.

I started applying for credit cards in 2018 and I was approved for the Capital One secured credit card that I no longer use.

After showing a great payment history with that secured credit card, I applied for a Discover credit card and a Discover business card back in December 2019. After having a great credit history and raising my credit score to 750, I decided to take a chance and apply for the American Express cards. The cards and accounts I applied for were the American Express Blue Business Cash Card, Amazon Business American Express Card, American Express High Yield Savings Account, American Express Cash Card, and American Express Business debit card.

In late 2022, I was approved and I ended up investing my business income in my High Yield Savings Account. So far, I haven't missed a payment and my credit score went up to 75 points.

I Know You Want to Know, Well How I Got Approved. American Express Blue Business Cash Card | American Express Blue Business Cash Card

The first thing that I did was fix my credit and I started a business to make extra income, I used my business information and my disability income to put on the application. I added up my annual business revenue and my yearly disability income. I put that information on the application and I was approved based on my credit payment history and debt-to-income ratio. You can also watch these videos on YouTube (click here) to get tips on how to apply for an American Express card as well.

What Should I Do First Before Applying?

First of all, you should check your credit and know your credit score before you apply. You can get a free credit report Annual Credit Report (click here) It is free to get a credit report from that website. You will get access to all three credit reports. American Express will pull your Experian credit report, so it's good to know that before applying. Once you know what's on your credit you can apply or if you need free credit repair services, you can go on YouTube and watch videos on how to repair your credit. Watch here

Which Cards Should I Apply For?

After fixing your credit, you then can go ahead and take a chance and apply for these American Express cards. Here are the two that I recommend. American Express Blue Business Cash Card. With this card, you can earn up to $500 cashback. You will earn a $250 statement credit after spending a certain amount on qualifying purchases on your card within your first 6 months of card membership. No-Intro Apr. Click here to read more.

For an American Express business card, you should apply for Amazon Business American Express Card. If you get approved for this card, you can get an Gift Card upon approval of the Card (a $100 Gift Card with an eligible Prime membership). For more information about the APR, click here to read more.

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