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You Can Get Everything You Deserve Through Manifestation - Manifest Your Anything Write Now!

Stephanie McClain - Manifesting Everything

In this blog, I would like to share how I've manifested so much within the past 4 years. In early 2019, I had so many things that I wanted to manifest. My main manifestation was to get a decent place to live and start a business because I couldn't keep a job due to the nature of my medical conditions. I manifested that by doing all of the things I needed to do financially such as fixing my credit, taking business classes, and looking for an affordable place to live.

I applied for affordable housing for an apartment and I was approved for it in January 2023! I saved some money to get a decent car while I was staying with my mother back in 2019. Between 2019 to 2022, I told myself before I moved out of her house again, that I will start a home-based business and be set before I move out. In 2022, my business Afrinubi Solutions was created. I worked hard every day to produce content online and started getting a lot of customers during that year.

In January of 2023, I received a letter from the housing authority about an affordable apartment being ready for me to move in. I saw the apartment, and I fell in love.

Check out the place I manifested.....Video Below


Here are My Major Accomplishments since 2021!

Since 2021, I've accomplished a lot!!! I started my business as a disabled entrepreneur and my loans were permanently discharged because of my medical conditions. If you would like to know how my student loans were discharged, click here to watch my video.

I've also been able to create digital assets where I've been able to capitalize from every digital creation. I've been able to receive monthly passive income from everything I've produced.

So Here's How I Manifested These Things?

Thanks to my manifestation journal, I've been able to manifest these things! Before I self-published my book, "Manifest Anything Write Now" back in early 2022, I was writing all of my manifestation goals in my notebook and I decided to create a journal for others to help with tracking their manifestations. Watch this video below to learn more about my book.

Manifest Anything "Write" Now Journal Review

MANIFEST THE LIFE OF YOU WANT with the Law of Attraction! According to the law of attraction, your thoughts have the power to manifest anything in your life. For example, if you think positively and visualize yourself with enough money and better health so you can feel more fulfilled and live comfortably, you will attract all of the opportunities that can make your dreams and desire a reality.

What are the steps to start manifesting the life you want:

1. Visualization

  • Create a vision board and contemplate all of the things that you want out of this life and you will get it.

  • Hang this vision board in your room, write down affirmations, and use this book to write down all of your plans.

2. Know Your Wants & Needs & Make a Plan

  • This is important because in order to manifest you must exactly KNOW want you want and need.

  • Write down how you're gonna and when receive it.

  • Not knowing what you want and deserve will prevent you from getting what you want. You must WRITE in Detail What You Want NOW!

3. Get Rid of Things & People That Don't Matter in Your Life

  • Negative people, news, bad influences, drugs, and other things that aren't positive will play a factor that will prevent you from accomplishing your goals and living your best life.

  • You need strategically plan and then create your own steps to avoid negative things and people.

4. Receiving Knowledge From Positive Sources

  • These sources can come from career, life, business coaches, mentors, family members, and positive friends, and they MUST be educational and self-enriching.

  • Other positive sources can come from social media, inspirational books, and networking with positive people and professionals.

5. Timing

  • Remember manifesting doesn't happen overnight, it takes time but having a game plan will make you accomplish them faster.

  • Create a vision board and write a game plan on when you expect to get or receive something whether it's materialistic, health-related, or starting your own business, or getting a new job or career.

  • You have to be patient and consistent with everything that you do and where you want to be in life.

If you would like to get your journal, visit my bookstore on Amazon now. Click here.


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